About Clackmannanshire United Prayer

Who we are

Clackmannanshire United Prayer is pretty much what it says on the tin. We are a group of people from different denominations and generations that unite to pray for blessing and breakthrough for the people of this county, the nation and worldwide.

Is CUP affiliated with a particular church, denomination or organisation?

CUP is shaped by the people who come along. We are members of different local churches and share a common Christian belief and our foundation is the Bible.

How can I invite CUP to my church/ organisation?

Get in touch via the contact page and we will consider any request.

Can I join?

We are always open to invite new people with a passion to intercede.

What if I can’t make it?

If you can’t make it to the next CUP event, you can still send us your prayer points and items for the wee county news.

And you can sign up for the e-mail newsletter to be kept up to date.

Please use the contact page.

Monthly CUP event

Clackmannanshire United Prayer meets every last Saturday of the month (from September – May incl.) in a different location around the county.

We meet in churches, halls and schools, aiming to be at the heart of the community.

Check the calendar for more details about each event.

Everybody is welcome.

Weekly Core Team meeting

The CUP Core Team meets every Thursday morning, usually adopting one location per year. We meet to worship, share, pray and plan for events.

Check the calendar for more details.

Join us if God is stirring your heart to pray for the County.

What happens at a CUP event?

The Saturday night programme is different every month as it reflects the style of worship of that particular church or group.
One key factor is praying for the vision of that church or group and that shapes the programme. We don’t impose our structure on them we simply come stand alongside and pray with them.

Usually we start with refreshments around 6:30pm. There might be some worship already playing – feel free to join in or have a chat.

We officially start at 7pm with a welcome by our hosts and a time of worship. The style of the worship can vary and so can the song choices. Often the team of the host church will lead us into worship or it might be someone from the CUP team.

After a time of preparing for prayer the host will introduce the prayer points and ideally some praise reports. We tend to gather in small groups, sometimes around tables, and join together in open prayer. There is no order or hierarchy, pray as the spirit leads you and is appropriate; add your Amen to the prayers of others. If you feel uncomfortable to speak out, you may just join quietly. We do like being a bit creative, but hopefully never embarrassing.

​A free-will offering will be received. To show our love and fellowship with that Church or Group – the offering is given to them to use as they are directed.

We then cover the “Wee County News” which highlights updates from local organisations and pray for them. Sometimes we have a speaker or special feature.

The evening finishes around 9pm.

Who can come?

Our hope is that everybody would feel welcome. That includes people from different backgrounds and of all ages.

How is the offering used?

A free-will offering will be received at the CUP event.

To show our love and fellowship with that Church or Group – the offering is given to them to use as they are directed.

Is it family friendly?

We aim to keep the events family friendly and have things for the wee ones to be involved too.

It is the responsibility of the parent to look after them, but a bit of noise and running about is to be expected and we love having the kids.

When does it start and end?

Usually we start with refreshments around 6:30pm.

We officially start at 7pm and finish around 9pm.

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